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My Valentines – 2/15/10

Well Dahlins, it’s over.  Buttercup really, really hates to see Valentines Day end.  Buttercup always receives so many presents from her many admirers.  BUT, if you were late in getting yours to Buttercup, I will still accept diamonds!  Buttercup received oodles of Valentine cards. And the chocolates were scumptiouslylicious!  The fur coat was amazing and right now, I’m flying to Hawaii.  No, get that thought right out of your mind.  Buttercup does not flap her wings (except in the heat of passion) to carry her anywhere.  Her sweet, luscious pilot friend is flying her.  Yep, right now I’m in his private jet being whisked away to a tropical paradise where Buttercup can frolic in the waves and drink those fruity drinks while having sun tan lotion massaged into (oops, better not go there or else he’ll have to put this jet on auto pilot again!).

What a beautiful time this is going to be!  No, Ms. Rivers.  Last I saw of her, she was trying to find her way to the coffee pot and not having much luck (that could be because Buttercup moved it to the basement!).  Teeheehee.  Buttercup loves having wicked fun!

And speaking of wicked fun … let Buttercup go visit her pilot again.  Later dahlins,

Buttercup, Romance Sleuth, and Mile-High Club member, signing off.


Bubble Baths

Buttercup readies for her bubble bath!

Greetings to all Buttercup’s lovely fans!  Buttercup is preparing for her evening bubble bath.  I just love bubble baths, what about you, dahlins.  A few candles, nice fragrances, lovely hot water, and plenty of bubbles.

I’m getting ready for my Valentine’s Day surprises.  Buttercup loves surprises. One of Buttercup’s many admirers is taking Buttercup on a tropical trip.  My pilot friend is flying me to places unknown.  Warm places. Buttercup loves warm places!

So, dahlins, I’ll be taking a much needed break from Ms. Rivers.  Not that I mind her, really, but it’s very hard working with someone nuttier than peanut brittle as that woman is.  She’s definitely short on brain cells.  Just the other day, she was trying to reach her birdfeeder that sits outside her office window.  Buttercup was watching.  She opens the window and has this stick with a hook on it that she’s trying to reach a log woodpecker feeder with and she just can’t quite reach it.  She’s struggling, her body hanging halfway out the window.  She’s squiggling and wiggling trying to reach this thing so she can fill it up again for those darn birds.  Well, dahlins, Buttercup shut the window!  Enough letting all that cold air in.  It took her awhile to get out of that one so Buttercup had plenty of time to hide.

Until next time, Buttercup McDuck, Romance Sleuth signing off.

Reading Manuscript

Hello Dahlins, bless ya’lls little pea-picking hearts over there on the east coast.  Guess ya’ll are turning into snowpeople like Buttercup.  My wings are frozen solid!

Today, Buttercup is reading one of Ms. Rivers manuscripts.  I was supposed to be taking it to the post office and mailing it, but Buttercup has decided it’s way too cold for ducks to be outside.  So, I made myself some hot chocolate, added a little Bailey’s Irish Creme for medicinal purposes, and cracked open the manuscript.  I promptly had a power surge.  Buttercup’s face got all flushed, her libido accelerated, and I just kept right on reading.  Singed my wings, let me tell ya.  This is some hot stuff Ms. Rivers writes.  Fellows, if you want your wife in the “mood”, just give her one of Ms. Rivers’ books for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, goodness, he did what, to where?  Oh my, but Buttercup has to go now.  This is getting really interesting.

Become Buttercup’s Fan

Hello there dahlins, Buttercup McDuck here popping in to say welcome to my blog.  I do hope you’ll visit often and add a glorious comment on just how cute you think Buttercup is or how much you adore her.  I just love fans that adore!  Now my dahlins, Buttercup is assistant to that Magnolia Rivers (some people call her Maggie).  I, for one, call her insane but, dahlins that’s for another day.   Buttercup awoke this morning to snow outside.  Can you imagine that?  More snow in Buttercup’s world.  Dahlins, I’ve had it to here with snow.  Buttercup needs warmth and water to frolic in and muscle-bound men to ogle at not fur coats and boots.  Stop this now.  No more snow.  Buttercup demands it.

Okay, now to the more important things.  Buttercup has it from a reliable source that Ms. Rivers has not yet found her whip again.  Thank heavens.  Buttercup was losing tail feathers at an alarming rate!  Today, however, Ms. Rivers is glued to her office chair (and I really mean glued) … wait’ll she tries to get up!  Mmmwwwwaaaaahahahaha!  Buttercup can be evil!