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Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

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Hello there dahlins, Buttercup McDuck here popping in to say welcome to my blog.  I do hope you’ll visit often and add a glorious comment on just how cute you think Buttercup is or how much you adore her.  I just love fans that adore!  Now my dahlins, Buttercup is assistant to that Magnolia Rivers (some people call her Maggie).  I, for one, call her insane but, dahlins that’s for another day.   Buttercup awoke this morning to snow outside.  Can you imagine that?  More snow in Buttercup’s world.  Dahlins, I’ve had it to here with snow.  Buttercup needs warmth and water to frolic in and muscle-bound men to ogle at not fur coats and boots.  Stop this now.  No more snow.  Buttercup demands it.

Okay, now to the more important things.  Buttercup has it from a reliable source that Ms. Rivers has not yet found her whip again.  Thank heavens.  Buttercup was losing tail feathers at an alarming rate!  Today, however, Ms. Rivers is glued to her office chair (and I really mean glued) … wait’ll she tries to get up!  Mmmwwwwaaaaahahahaha!  Buttercup can be evil!


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