Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

Reading Manuscript

Hello Dahlins, bless ya’lls little pea-picking hearts over there on the east coast.  Guess ya’ll are turning into snowpeople like Buttercup.  My wings are frozen solid!

Today, Buttercup is reading one of Ms. Rivers manuscripts.  I was supposed to be taking it to the post office and mailing it, but Buttercup has decided it’s way too cold for ducks to be outside.  So, I made myself some hot chocolate, added a little Bailey’s Irish Creme for medicinal purposes, and cracked open the manuscript.  I promptly had a power surge.  Buttercup’s face got all flushed, her libido accelerated, and I just kept right on reading.  Singed my wings, let me tell ya.  This is some hot stuff Ms. Rivers writes.  Fellows, if you want your wife in the “mood”, just give her one of Ms. Rivers’ books for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, goodness, he did what, to where?  Oh my, but Buttercup has to go now.  This is getting really interesting.


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