Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

My Valentines – 2/15/10

Well Dahlins, it’s over.  Buttercup really, really hates to see Valentines Day end.  Buttercup always receives so many presents from her many admirers.  BUT, if you were late in getting yours to Buttercup, I will still accept diamonds!  Buttercup received oodles of Valentine cards. And the chocolates were scumptiouslylicious!  The fur coat was amazing and right now, I’m flying to Hawaii.  No, get that thought right out of your mind.  Buttercup does not flap her wings (except in the heat of passion) to carry her anywhere.  Her sweet, luscious pilot friend is flying her.  Yep, right now I’m in his private jet being whisked away to a tropical paradise where Buttercup can frolic in the waves and drink those fruity drinks while having sun tan lotion massaged into (oops, better not go there or else he’ll have to put this jet on auto pilot again!).

What a beautiful time this is going to be!  No, Ms. Rivers.  Last I saw of her, she was trying to find her way to the coffee pot and not having much luck (that could be because Buttercup moved it to the basement!).  Teeheehee.  Buttercup loves having wicked fun!

And speaking of wicked fun … let Buttercup go visit her pilot again.  Later dahlins,

Buttercup, Romance Sleuth, and Mile-High Club member, signing off.


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