Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

Ms. Rivers heading to Wisconsin

4-12-2010 Hello Dahlins, Buttercup here with the latest info on the travels of Romance Author, Maggie Rivers.  She will be heading to Wisconsin for a conference this weekend.  Of course, I, Buttercup, will be accompanying her.  Someone has to go along to keep her out of trouble.  Buttercup has her suitcase all packed, dahlins, and is all ready for the trip.  Dahlins, it’s hard getting Ms. Rivers ready though.  She does not pack lightly.  She needs business suits, cocktail dresses, and all those types of things.  She’ll need a swimming suit so she can lounge by the pool, too.  Buttercup must take all the same things as Ms. Rivers just can’t function without Buttercup’s help, dahlins.  Why whatever would she do if Buttercup was not there to direct her!  Heaven forbid! 

Once Buttercup has gotten Ms. Rivers all settled in for the night, however, it’s party time!  Buttercup will be shaking her tail feathers all over the dance floor – look out Wisconsin, here comes Buttercup!


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