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June 28, 2010 – A sea captain, a six-pack and pleasure trails

Greetings all my lovelies out there in Buttercup World.  That’s right, it’s me, Buttercup, your Diva queen!  I just returned from a week long leisurely writers’ retreat with Maggie Rivers and four other writers (Jordyn Meryl, C. Deanne Rowe, Emma Robuck and Francesca Hawley).  Dahlins, Buttercup had a wonderful time.  She floated on a pontoon boat while my buffed sea captain took me around Leisure Lake.  Oh, what a sight it was – my sea captain, not the lake, dahlins.  He was 6′ 6″ with a six-pack to die for.  And oh, those shoulders!  They were as wide as Paul Bunyan’s ax was long and those biceps were as huge as watermelons.  A tiny waist, tight ass and pleasure trails that gave Buttercup goosebumps.  Ah, it was heaven!  Peaceful, quiet.  Cat tails blowing in the breeze, water lilies in bloom, bullfrogs croaking.   Heavenly.

And then, Ms. Rivers came streaking by.  Someone had given her a margarita, of all the things!  Buttercup cornered her in the gazebo, drug her back into the house, clothed her, sat her down in a chair and told her to write.  Whew!  That was a chore.  Buttercup returned to her six-pack.

Moments later, here comes Ms. Rivers streakin’ by without a stitch except for the lamp shade on her head and the glass of champagne in her hand.  Buttercup pulled her out of the water where she had fallen and once again got her settled back down to write.  Buttercup returned to her tight ass.

Now, Buttercup is beginning to enjoy her leisurely floating.  She hasn’t seen Ms. Rivers for about an hour so Buttercup is beginning to get worried.  Is Ms. Rivers really writing or is she up to something?  Hmmm.  Buttercup must go see.

Buttercup will let you guess what Ms. Rivers was up to this time.  But it wasn’t a pretty sight!