Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant


Hello dahlins, Buttercup here.  I’ve been flitting around a lot this summer.  I’ve been to Evart, Michigan, to the largest dulcimer festival.  Ms. Rivers plays the hammered and the mountain dulcimers, dahlins, much to Buttercup’s annoyment.  But, since Ms. Rivers wanted to go, Buttercup thought it best to go along and keep an eye on her.

Now, Buttercup is packing to head to Alabama and Georgia.  Will this traveling never end!

If you’ve been reading Ms. Rivers’ posts on Facebook, you’re aware that she’s become infatuated with “Cat Poo Coffee” of all things.  No, she doesn’t drink it, she just gets to laughing hysterically over it.  Buttercup gets her calmed down and off she goes again.  She’s supposed to be writing you know.   As a payback, Buttercup followed Ms. Rivers teacup chihuahua around all day with a coffee cup.  I was going to make some coffee for Ms. Rivers until she wised up to what I was doing.  Bummer.  The scene that ensued was not a pretty one.  Oops, here she comes again.  Gotta run!


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