Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

Buttercup is back!

Hello dahlins, Buttercup has returned from her vacation with TJon.  I know, dahlins, Buttercup was gone way too long and all of you missed me terribly. 

Dahlin, I was basking on the beach in Maui watching all those buffed, tanned male physiques saunter by.  Most of them just sauntered over to Buttercup’s blanket and before long I was surrounded with twenty to twenty-five of the most gorgeous looking men evah!  Gave Buttercup duck bumps just oogling them.   Especially the ones in those little pouch bikinis – oh my, but they set Buttercup’s little heart all a flutter.

Buttercup was treated to her own night of dancing – Hawaiian style.  Yes, dahlins, Buttercup does a mean Hula.  And Buttercup got layed – oops that’s leied a number of times. 

Oh, it was a wonderful trip until I had to come back to Ms. Rivers’ place.  Where’s the maid?  This place is a mess!


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