Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

Duck Napped

Dahlins, did you know my kid sister, Daffodil McDuck, has been duck napped?  That’s right.  She’s missing.  She left here over a year ago to travel around the United States to see, basically, if people were honest and to collect stories to go into her book entitled Daffodil’s Big Adventure.  She hasn’t been seen since!  She was given a backpack with a letter inside explaining what she was doing.  There was a journal, too, where people could write where they picked her up and where they took her and things like that.  Then, there was also a $10 bill to pay her return postage home.  She’s never made it.

Does that mean people aren’t honest?  Or is she still out there on her way home?  She left Iowa from a truck stop on I-80 with a trucker named John.  He was going to take her all the way to California and pass her off to someone there to start her journey back home.

The letter in Daffodil’s backpack explained that all the proceeds from the sale of the book, once it was finished, would go to help kids with cancer.  What does that tell us about people?  Basically they aren’t honest?  Maybe that they just don’t care?

What would you do if someone handed Daffy off to you?  Would you keep her?  Or would you send her on her way?

I believed in people and thought they’d be cheering for her to make it back home with some great stories to tell of the places she’d been and the things she’d seen.  Maybe some pictures accompanying her to show her and some of the great people she’d stayed with doing something fun like standing in front of some monument or something.  I really believed.

I don’t anymore.  Do you?


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