Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

Bah Humbug

So it’s Christmas, dahlins.  I’m not impressed.  Did Buttercup get the present she wanted, dahlins?  Absolutely not.  There was supposed to be a fat man in a red suit coming down my chimney but did he show.  Nope, dahlin, not even a piece of his long white beard.  And how do I know, because I stayed up all night just to see if the old codger showed.  Dahlin, I really wanted to buy my house on the lake and all I asked for was a little money to help me along.  Dahlin, he didn’t even leave me one penny.  Nothing, zippo, nada.

Well, I for one, don’t believe he’s real.  There was no reindeer flying over my house last night.  Dahlins, Buttercup is so depressed now.  I had hopes of being able to buy my house and move in.  Then I could just waddle down to the lake with all my other duckie friends and put my “toes in the water, tushy in the sand”.  Ah, but, alas, now I have to continue working here with Ms. Rivers every single day.  I was hoping for a get away.  You do realize she chases me around with that Duck A La Orange recipe ever since I gave her that Cat Poo Coffee.

Now I just “borrow” her Jane Porter books.  I sneak into her library at night and take one from the shelf.  When she misses it, she goes out and gets another one.  ROFL!  She hasn’t figured out yet that I’m borrowing them.  LOL!  Wonder what she’ll do when she finds out?  Hmmmm.  Maybe I better rethink this.  What do you think?


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