Adventures of Buttercup McDuck

Tales from a Romance Author's Assistant

About Buttercup

Hello there dahlin’s! Miss Buttercup McDuck here.  I finally arrived at the home of Romance Author Maggie Rivers on September 25, 2007.  I had all the intentions of becoming a member of the Mile High Club with one of those sexy airplane pilots or maybe even two or three on my way from Ontario to Iowa but wouldn’t you know it, dahlin’s – they sent me by delivery truck! But the driver was really cute and I found out “What Brown Can Do For You!”  They deliver!  And Mr. Brown can definitely tell you that once you’ve quacked, you’ll never go back!  Oh my, somebody fan me! I’m just plain exhausted now.

Anyway, I arrived at Miss Rivers’ home and I’ll be living here and traveling around with Ms. Rivers from now on and I’ll let you know all about what she’s doing and where you can catch up with her and then I’ll be telling you all about the fun stuff that I do when she ain’t lookin’.  You can read all about  my adventures living and traveling with Ms. Rivers here.

Oh yeah, if you have a question for me, if you want me to find out something for you, just click here. You can send me fan mail, too. I just love fan mail.


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