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Bah Humbug

So it’s Christmas, dahlins.  I’m not impressed.  Did Buttercup get the present she wanted, dahlins?  Absolutely not.  There was supposed to be a fat man in a red suit coming down my chimney but did he show.  Nope, dahlin, not even a piece of his long white beard.  And how do I know, because I stayed up all night just to see if the old codger showed.  Dahlin, I really wanted to buy my house on the lake and all I asked for was a little money to help me along.  Dahlin, he didn’t even leave me one penny.  Nothing, zippo, nada.

Well, I for one, don’t believe he’s real.  There was no reindeer flying over my house last night.  Dahlins, Buttercup is so depressed now.  I had hopes of being able to buy my house and move in.  Then I could just waddle down to the lake with all my other duckie friends and put my “toes in the water, tushy in the sand”.  Ah, but, alas, now I have to continue working here with Ms. Rivers every single day.  I was hoping for a get away.  You do realize she chases me around with that Duck A La Orange recipe ever since I gave her that Cat Poo Coffee.

Now I just “borrow” her Jane Porter books.  I sneak into her library at night and take one from the shelf.  When she misses it, she goes out and gets another one.  ROFL!  She hasn’t figured out yet that I’m borrowing them.  LOL!  Wonder what she’ll do when she finds out?  Hmmmm.  Maybe I better rethink this.  What do you think?


Duck Napped

Dahlins, did you know my kid sister, Daffodil McDuck, has been duck napped?  That’s right.  She’s missing.  She left here over a year ago to travel around the United States to see, basically, if people were honest and to collect stories to go into her book entitled Daffodil’s Big Adventure.  She hasn’t been seen since!  She was given a backpack with a letter inside explaining what she was doing.  There was a journal, too, where people could write where they picked her up and where they took her and things like that.  Then, there was also a $10 bill to pay her return postage home.  She’s never made it.

Does that mean people aren’t honest?  Or is she still out there on her way home?  She left Iowa from a truck stop on I-80 with a trucker named John.  He was going to take her all the way to California and pass her off to someone there to start her journey back home.

The letter in Daffodil’s backpack explained that all the proceeds from the sale of the book, once it was finished, would go to help kids with cancer.  What does that tell us about people?  Basically they aren’t honest?  Maybe that they just don’t care?

What would you do if someone handed Daffy off to you?  Would you keep her?  Or would you send her on her way?

I believed in people and thought they’d be cheering for her to make it back home with some great stories to tell of the places she’d been and the things she’d seen.  Maybe some pictures accompanying her to show her and some of the great people she’d stayed with doing something fun like standing in front of some monument or something.  I really believed.

I don’t anymore.  Do you?

Ducks Should Be in the South

Dahlins, Buttercup stuck her beautiful head outside this morning and discovered it’s cold outside!  I should definitely be down South where it’s lots warmer.  This cold stuff is for you humans who like it, not us ducks.

If I were in the South, I could be lounging on a beach by the ocean soaking up some rays!  Instead I’m here in Iowa freezing my little tushy off.  This is not good, dahlins.  I need a studly muffin to keep me warm.  Where’s my TeJon?  Oh TeJon, dahlin, come here, Buttercup needs her little webbed feet rubbed.

July 30, 2011 – “Blue Jeans and Stilettos” Reviewed

Dahlins, dahlins, dahlins, Buttercup is so excited this morning!  You’ll never guess!  Ms. Rivers’ book – you know the one she wrote with Jordyn Meryl and C. Deanne Rowe – got a great review!!  Take a look – Julia Barrett’s World.  We’re all just so excited today.  Even Buttercup is doing duck flips.  I won’t tell you what the other three ladies are doing but it’s really funny watching them!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos from the book launch party by now.  It was standing room only!  Everyone had a great time and the event was perfectly planned (of course, I had to do all the planning for them).  There was a stiletto cake.  It was the greatest thing.  The cake was designed in the shape of a shoebox – Gucci of course – and on top of the shoebox was a completely edible red stiletto – life-size, not a tiny little toy.  It was wonderful.  People didn’t believe it was a cake.

Also, there was a gorgeous floral arrangement complete with a pink cami hanging amongst the roses along with a pair of stilettos, too.  And there were little branches with lights on the tips that lit up.  Very pretty.

There was also a continuous slide show going of scenes from the lake house showing the ladies as they were actually writing the book or taking a spin on the pontoon boat around the lake.

I must say, Buttercup just outdid herself on the planning.

Now, to have the book reviewed on a website is just icing on the proverbial cake!  Go take a look.  Julia Barrett’s World

June 5, 2011 – Buttercup in Stilettos

Hello dahlins, I’m so glad you stopped by to chat with Buttercup.  I’ve been doing a little shopping – with TJon’s help of course.  Dahlins, Buttercup goes nowhere without TJon!  I found this perfect pair of stilettos to wear to Ms. Rivers’ book signing.  I know, you’re thinking a duck in stilettos.  But really, dahlins, I look scrumptiously delicious in them.  Oops better not use the word delicious after the rounds with Ms. Rivers looking up orange duck recipes.  Don’t want to remind her.

Anyway, dahlins, it’s a party and Buttercup will be there in all her party finery!  You need to be there.  It’s THE party to attend, the talk of the town.  It’s going to be standing room only.  But, we’ll make room for you.  Just tell them you’re a friend of mine and they’ll let you in.  Buttercup always takes care of her fans.  Now don’t forget.  The party is June 23.  If you haven’t gotten your invitation yet, do let Buttercup know and I’ll get one off Ms. Rivers’ desk and send it right out to you.

Buttercup is back!

Hello dahlins, Buttercup has returned from her vacation with TJon.  I know, dahlins, Buttercup was gone way too long and all of you missed me terribly. 

Dahlin, I was basking on the beach in Maui watching all those buffed, tanned male physiques saunter by.  Most of them just sauntered over to Buttercup’s blanket and before long I was surrounded with twenty to twenty-five of the most gorgeous looking men evah!  Gave Buttercup duck bumps just oogling them.   Especially the ones in those little pouch bikinis – oh my, but they set Buttercup’s little heart all a flutter.

Buttercup was treated to her own night of dancing – Hawaiian style.  Yes, dahlins, Buttercup does a mean Hula.  And Buttercup got layed – oops that’s leied a number of times. 

Oh, it was a wonderful trip until I had to come back to Ms. Rivers’ place.  Where’s the maid?  This place is a mess!

The Case of the Broken Printer

Hello, dahlins, it’s your Diva Queen, Buttercup here.  I’ve been having a wonderful time.  I made a return trip to Leisure Lake without Ms. Rivers’ knowledge.  TJon and I had a great time frolicking in the lake.  We were in the buff.  My, my, my but that man is a tasty treat!

Ms. Rivers has been keeping me up at all hours of the night.  She has this thing about not sleeping.  Instead she’s up working on her latest novel.  Well, with all the noise going on from her printing pages of manuscript, how’s a duck supposed to get her beauty rest?

Well, I fixed the problem.  I snuck into her office while she was out and it’s amazing what happens when you put a pushpin into the gears!  She just thought it was one from her bulletin board and would never have guessed that innocent little me would do such a thing.  I had to get my rest you know. 

Would you believe someone snitched on Buttercup, dahlins?  I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?  Well, they did.  On Facebook no less.  Someone mentioned the word “quackers” and Ms. Rivers instantly yelled my name. 

I’ve had to be very careful around here.  She’s had her recipe book opened to “Orange Duck” ever since!