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I Have Returned

Dahlins, Buttercup has now returned from a trip to Alabama. I had to accompany Ms. Rivers on a booksigning tour. Buttercup of course was the life of the event.

Yesterday, I was at the Woodward Library signing books. I was the star of the show, dahlins, and everybody stopped by to fondle my feathers! Buttercup enjoyed it immensely. Do visit Maggie Rivers FB page to see all the pictures. Buttercup looked stunning as always, dahlins.


Buttercup Needs to Visit Someone in Warmer Climates

Dahlins, Buttercup has just returned from a trip to Florida where I spent a wonderful week with my studly muffin, Bill. Buttercup would have stayed longer in the warm climate but Bill was in the process of moving to Mississippi and Buttercup just does not do heavy lifting or packing of boxes. That would mean Buttercup would have to do a four-letter word that begins with “W” and ends with a “K”. Ewwww!

So Buttercup just needs to go visit more friends in warmer climates. This Iowa weather sucks! It’s either snow and below freezing temps or ice and below freezing temps or, well, you get the idea. Buttercup does not like it at all.

Buttercup has a plan though. I think I will just knock out a wall in Ms. Rivers’ house and add a fireplace where I could lounge on a bear skin rug and drink champagne all day and stay toasty warm.

The first problem Buttercup has run into is I need stones to build it with. Anybody have any stones for Buttercup’s fireplace? Then, of course, there’s the money problem. Seems everybody I’ve talked to wants money to build fireplaces. I offered them a tryst with a duck but most of them just gave me a funny look. Yes, dahlin, I did say “most”. There was this one fellow who seemed to get all excited.

Anyway, Buttercup’s going to go find “Fangs” and see if he’ll knock down a wall for me. Toodles.

Bubble Baths

Buttercup readies for her bubble bath!

Greetings to all Buttercup’s lovely fans!  Buttercup is preparing for her evening bubble bath.  I just love bubble baths, what about you, dahlins.  A few candles, nice fragrances, lovely hot water, and plenty of bubbles.

I’m getting ready for my Valentine’s Day surprises.  Buttercup loves surprises. One of Buttercup’s many admirers is taking Buttercup on a tropical trip.  My pilot friend is flying me to places unknown.  Warm places. Buttercup loves warm places!

So, dahlins, I’ll be taking a much needed break from Ms. Rivers.  Not that I mind her, really, but it’s very hard working with someone nuttier than peanut brittle as that woman is.  She’s definitely short on brain cells.  Just the other day, she was trying to reach her birdfeeder that sits outside her office window.  Buttercup was watching.  She opens the window and has this stick with a hook on it that she’s trying to reach a log woodpecker feeder with and she just can’t quite reach it.  She’s struggling, her body hanging halfway out the window.  She’s squiggling and wiggling trying to reach this thing so she can fill it up again for those darn birds.  Well, dahlins, Buttercup shut the window!  Enough letting all that cold air in.  It took her awhile to get out of that one so Buttercup had plenty of time to hide.

Until next time, Buttercup McDuck, Romance Sleuth signing off.