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I Have Returned

Dahlins, Buttercup has now returned from a trip to Alabama. I had to accompany Ms. Rivers on a booksigning tour. Buttercup of course was the life of the event.

Yesterday, I was at the Woodward Library signing books. I was the star of the show, dahlins, and everybody stopped by to fondle my feathers! Buttercup enjoyed it immensely. Do visit Maggie Rivers FB page to see all the pictures. Buttercup looked stunning as always, dahlins.


Ducks Should Be in the South

Dahlins, Buttercup stuck her beautiful head outside this morning and discovered it’s cold outside!  I should definitely be down South where it’s lots warmer.  This cold stuff is for you humans who like it, not us ducks.

If I were in the South, I could be lounging on a beach by the ocean soaking up some rays!  Instead I’m here in Iowa freezing my little tushy off.  This is not good, dahlins.  I need a studly muffin to keep me warm.  Where’s my TeJon?  Oh TeJon, dahlin, come here, Buttercup needs her little webbed feet rubbed.